Arranging patches of colour, just as Ruskin described

Arranging Patches of Colour, an exhibition of paintings opens in the Dawson Gallery of the Ruskin Museum, Coniston on 25th May. 

The title of the exhibition, Arranging patches of colour, is inspired by a quote from John Ruskin himself: “Everything that you can see in the world around you presents itself to your eyes only as an arrangement of patches of different colours.” 

Featuring over 25 different works, the exhibition focuses on David's latest paintings and drawings including new plein air paintings of the Eden Valley, North Lakes and Pennine landscapes.  These will sit alongside a new series of studio paintings of animals and birds, all oversized and corpulent, with farm animals positioned on to David’s landscapes with little regard to scale or perspective, even appearing to stand on small rural houses.

During the exhibition, there will be several afternoon drawing workshops. Please enquire to The Ruskin Museum (01539 441164) or Vicki Boyd (01768 870850) for details of exact dates and times.

Further information about The Ruskin Museum is online at 

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